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Occupants to raise tickets for particular buildings

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Occupants to raise tickets for particular buildings

Not sure if i am missing something, but is there an option where we can manage occupants access to raise tickets for particular buildings? It would be good to restrict occupants to be able to raise tickets for particular buildings only.  

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in reply to: DanSmith85

Hi Dan,


If your portfolio contains buildings that occupants should not be able to access or submit tickets to, you can hide these buildings from your occupants via the building information tile. From the building tile, click configure settings under the building record heading, then toggle building visibility to be Hidden from Occupants.





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in reply to: buzz.ambroseno

Sorry I may need to clarify this. What I am looking to do is give some occupants access to certain buildings and other occupants access to other buildings. If I own a number of buildings with multiple lease or tenant agreements I would only want that occupants to be able to raise tickets for the buildings that they occupy. The only way I can think to do this currently is create multiple portfolio’s, but that then makes it difficult for management to get a consolidated view of tickets across their assets.

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