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It could be great to have the notifications email completed with direct hyperlinks to the document/ Issue/ whatever updated in Field. Take the library updates:


Situation: the Doc Manager add a new change order to the library, any Field user having the notifications by email setting activate get an immediate email which include the name of the document and a link to the main folder of the library


Idea: instead of the link to the main folder, let's put the link to the document, it would be a great time saving on project with thousand of documents and hundreds of folders



Incorporate Basic Revit Functions to work with C4R Models

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer Eric7WCQE on ‎03-24-2017 10:52 AM - last edited on ‎03-24-2017 11:05 AM |

Basically if you could do it with a locally saved revit model you should be able to do it with a C4R model... 


Some examples: 

-Link in AutoCAD and IFC files that have been uploaded to the project folder on BIM360 Team

-Link in Non-C4R Revit models that are uploaded to the project folder. (Usually form a consultant or trade that isn't in house) 

-Insert views from one C4R model to another C4R model 

-Be able to save families and templates on the BIM360 Team site and be able to insert them into any Revit model (local or C4R)

-Be able to save models into the BIM360 Team project subfolders. (I know you can move them after, but have had nothing but headaches when I tried that)

-Fix the **** delete model issue! If its delete on BIM360 Team it still shows in the Revit portal, and if you try to delete it in the Revit portal it only works 50% of the time (maybe less).


-Allow overriding of C4R models when creating a new one. This really only needs to happen because the second item on my list hasn't been addressed...  


It should be one point of access for everything you need to do in Revit/CAD, and right now it feels very incomplete with a whole bunch of hacky work around... 




Reposting from the forum, as was suggested by project people.


It can be more convenient if by double clicking on divider we can have columns to adjust the width to max length of the longest entry in the column.

also could be good to have decreased minimum width of the column. I.e. Currently it is minimum about 15 characters. But I have Rev. Column that uses 2-3 symbols so it is quite a waste of screen space to have it 15 characters wide. As a minimum should be auto distribution mode and manual customisation when I can set width for all columns and that will be remembered (per user).


Also need to be able to select position of the attributes, I.e. move attribute up or down on the list. I.e. I want to see revision and its date right after title of the drawing and to hide document name, file name, etc. Currently it is impossible.


I use custom attribute Trades (or Department). It could be great if I i.e. all electrical drawings lines can be conditionally (on attribute name) formatted to let us say blue color (selected during customization), piping to red, ventilation to green and so on.

So it will be faster to navigate to the plans of the particular trade.


Status: Future Consideration

Hi Leonid,


Thank you for posting this suggestion!  We will consider this for future updates.


Best Regards,

Joan Allen

When viewing or exporting Issues, one is not able to see the Issue Type header that is falls under.  So if you have a "Work to Complete" option under the QA/QC top header, and a "Work to Complete" option under the Commissioning top header, all the Issues list displays is Work to Complete.  It is not helpful when reporting.  The top header needs to display as well as the option selected.

Re-occurring Task

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer mschenkJCWU5 on ‎03-17-2017 09:45 AM

Is there an option to to set-up automatic reoccurring Tasks?


I would like to create a reoccurring task on a Friday that.


1. Notifies an assignee to complete a task

2. Generate a new Check Sheet automatically (open)




Add a text box just below the signature field for the signer's name in clear text. In the reports of the checklists that can include the signatures add this text just below the signature. the signature should still contain the timestamp when the signature was done but should not include the name of the signed in person of the app (as it will be same for all signatures in my case described above.


The checklists already allow us to add signature fields to be signed on the iPad - which is a very cool feature. However, the app doesn't allow properly the signature of several people 'right away'. By this I mean that several people can give their signature immediately onsite on the same device. When we try this today all signature fields are labelled with the name of the signed in person. This is extremely confusing and in some companies even considered as illegal (giving a signature for another person). So I understand we can't change the product heavily which is why I suggest this small enhancement to the product.


The current behaviour is huge obstacle at each large owner/operator company where I introduce BIM 360 Field for construction and commissioning.




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We would like to use the message sandbox for general communications to the project team (regarding or not BIM 360 Field).



-New documents available in the library

-Safety notices

-Scheduled energy breakout on site

-Scheduled owners visit

-New software update available



In order to do so, we propose two major improvements:

1- Add more formatting options, for instance the very same text options available for this forum

Capture d'écran 2017-03-15 09.50.32.png

2- Make the sandbox message available and accessible from the iPad

Like the 'Genernal Notes' section, is it possible to pre-populate the Labor comment box with text prompts? This would help drive consistancy, more accurate recording of daily activities as well as help capture the right information for potential Claim scenarios.

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Admin account BIM360

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate on ‎03-13-2017 03:44 AM

Dear Autodesk and community members,


Some of our customers wants one person that controls all BIM360 licenses. One person that decides who (what e-mail) gets added to which project. This person (the admin) does not work in the project himself, so he leaves every project (he is not in any project at all). This far everything works perfectly.


But even if he is not in any project, he still uses one license. Is it possible to add this to the functionality, that if the admin in BIM360 leaves all projects, he does not use a license.


Still a lot of plans are being printed for the construction site. Nowadays, contractors send a list of plans (as PDF or a link to a document management system) to a copy shop, they print and send them to the contractor / construction site. We need such a functionality in Docs as well. I could imagine that the user could select a few plans (also in different folders), choose to send these files or direct links to the files and enter a specific message, e.g. 'print each plan twice and send to XXX'. This would be a more generic functionality for other purposes as well, e.g. plan reviews, etc.

It would be great to have additional columns in the list view to show


  • Share on/off
  • Password on/off
  • Download on/off

and any other file info possible. Would be also great to have bulk edit (tick the files & apply changes) for files

There needs to be a way to automatically omit/hide/turn off X-Refs when Gluing a model from AutoCAD or Fab CADMEP. Currently, it takes too long to remove & then Glue. And if you leave the X-Refs in, they cause duplicate Geometry in Glue.


The current workflow is:

Save file with revisions in AutoCAD. Remove all X-Refs (takes a LONG TIME to remove). Glue Model.


Proposed workflow:

Save file with revisions in AutoCAD. Click button to “Not upload X-Refs”. Glue Model


There is an option to include or exclude via Revit, but can you also give the option to choose to Exclude or Include via AutoCAD?

I love being able to have different statuses based on what type of equipment we are working with. This is becoming critical in our workflow and has huge impact on the different things we can track from Submittals, RFI's, Fab and Non Fab equipment. The problem I'm running into is its a little clunky to move statuses around in the list, I don't have a way to copy and paste a list of new statuses in all at once. We have to manually enter each line in, then if while going through the process we want to add a new status it automatically goes to the bottom of the list. if there was another way where we could just drag to reorder the statuses or something other than clicking on the up or down arrow ten times to get the status in the "right" place. maybe each status is assigned a number then you just set the number (like SharePoint Columns in data sheet view).

The new subcontractor role is great as now they can view checklists for their company, they can view the equipment tab, and there is the ability to view others issues. The problem I see though is that the old workflow is not the same, in order for subcontractors to be able to change issue status, add attachments and comment you need to give them View, Add and Edit which subsequently lets them actually edit the issue text, remove attachments and add their own issues. They can actually delete all the issue data just not the unique identifier number, the old role prevented this and it would be nice to be able to have the same abilities with issues as the old role in the new role. If you set it to view only they cannot modify the status or add any attachments or comments. It would be nice to have a View and respond option for subcontractors which would allow a similar workflow as the old subcontractor role to be able to respond to issues without being able to edit the issue data.

I want to create user access right by dividing to different groups.

For details, I want to group MEP engineer to there own discussion and structural team has their own and don't want such dialog being disclosed or disturbing other users.

And, because of the client are also in the same platform, all WIP comments/ design issue not being approved shall not be viewed by them.





360 Docs: Watermark Pages

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor kenny.e.ermann on ‎02-17-2017 05:13 PM



Many of our documents contain very sensitive intellectual property that needs to be carefully managed. One feature on Box that really makes this easy is the option to have documents automatically watermarked with the username of the person viewing the drawing along with the date and time. We'd really like to see this optional functionally in Docs to help us prevent leaks and quickly identify the culprit if leak occurs. 

BIM 360 Field to Android

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer katri.niemela on ‎02-16-2017 10:43 PM

You really should develope a version to android also. It would mean more users.


BR, Android user

We have a client that has recently purchased a license of BIM 360 field for tracking their smaller internal projects.  They asked me if was possible for us to transfer/export our project over to their account upon completion of our project so they could have the information and to continue to use the issues and equipment features.  To my knowledge, this is not possible, however I think it would be a great idea if we could do this.  The process would work similar to building ops where our clients could send us an export code and then we do a data-dump into their account. This would solve so many of our end of project turn over problems that we currently have with Field and also give us an answer to the question that most of our clients ask on a regular basis "what happens to all of this data at the end of the project and how can we access and use it?"  Access could be granted in a tiered option where clients could have view only access or full access.

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File viewing support for Vectorworks Files .VWX would be great if not already supported.

User Management

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate molamphyd on ‎01-04-2017 06:57 AM

Autodesk switched to user seat licenses in lieu of project licenses.  Currently when you have 500 Field and 100 Glue and 25 Doc's Licenses there is no way to manage that license pool other then a bunch of e-mails between support and yourself.  The only thing you can see in HQ and in the product silo's is users in the system or by project.  When Autodesk switched to this revised licensing model they should have updated the administration head end to match and allow companies to manage.


In addition, you should be able to just disable users in field, glue, doc's -- in lieu of deleting them for a project. (just like buzzsaw is today).

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