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BIM360 Export Sheets to PDF = UNCONTROLLED Document

BIM360 Export Sheets to PDF = UNCONTROLLED Document

We have been using Reviews for a while and have noticed today that although our permission settings have been correct all along, there are some new information messages regarding permissions and downloading:


So the correct workflow is to "Export Sheets" from an Approved location. This is instead of downloading the source file - which may contain sheets that have been rejected in the review process.

However, although these sheets have been approved, the exported pdf is now "Uncontrolled". It may be that its only offline use is a general check, sometimes it is easier to check Revision Status, and the Revision panel in a single file than online.


As an Account and Project Admin for a Main Contractor where we host the entire project for all sub-contractors, my idea is to be able to assign a stamp to Export PDF's (somewhere in Project Admin) with options for page position, wording, opacity. Something similar to  below:





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Great idea Simon👍

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