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workflow for importing scenes containing Bifrost graphs

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workflow for importing scenes containing Bifrost graphs

Hi, i have a graph setup in a scene, it references some geo from the scene.

i need to import that into another scene for shot building, however when i import the maya scene the graph is marked as referenced - not editable

what's the process for having a graph be 'portable' and include any geo it needs from the original scene file?

user guide being it's usual obtuse self regarding this


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in reply to: adrian_wyer

so i wasted an hour creating a compound from my graph and publishing it... got it all hooked up in another scene, imported the required geo/materials and went through the really annoying process of setting up new mesh/bifrost to maya geo crap (this should be automated, we don't all use arnold!)

but i can't dive into the compound to edit settings...(referenced again!)  so i guess i have to publish the graph itself? like this;


or am i going about this all wrong.. ?

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in reply to: adrian_wyer

ok so for anyone else having this issue in future;

exporting the graph works, it appears in the bifrost browser under users...

still have to go through the rigmarole of setting up a bifrost to maya geo if you aren't using arnold... 

and have any referenced geo/shaders in the scene....

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