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Will Bifrost replace nCloth+Fluid+nParticle?

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Will Bifrost replace nCloth+Fluid+nParticle?

Is Maya Fluid obsolete?

I am learning Fluid Technology is out of date now?

Will Bifrost replace nCloth+Fluid+nParticle?

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in reply to: g2m.agent


I don't think so.

Bifrost Graph is different and "currently" it's harder to set up a certain effect (create a graph) which requires a different workflow and maybe more time.

Especially nDynamics are very easy to use and i don't see them replaced by Bifrost.

Also to keep backwards compatibility we will very likely see these features and tools also available in newer Maya versions.


For Maya fluids there may be no (or not much) further development done in future, but that's just an assumption.

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I would encourage you to learn Bifrost, not Maya Fluids, nor nParticles.  Those systems are old and will not be developed in the future.  The future is Bifrost 🙂


That doesn't mean they will be removed anytime soon, but if you're learning Maya now, I would definitely focus on Bifrost over legacy dynamics.  And for those who are worried that everything will become node-based, don't worry: higher-level interfaces on top of the Bifrost graph are planned.  Don't forget that Maya has always had nodes - and that hasn't stopped it from having higher-level/viewport interfaces.

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So then...when will we see an API for bifrost?

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