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What have I missed here? (effect by vert color)

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What have I missed here? (effect by vert color)

So I have read a bunch of python generated vertex colours into the Graph, that works really well, now I am trying to apply some point displacement/instances based on the vertex colour of the mesh.  Now, I realise that the "equal" node doesn't like vectors, so I made and tested a compound that converts everything to longs, does the comparison and outputs a bool from there.  When I plug in my colour array however, weird stuff starts happening.  I'm wondering if the implicit looping isn't the right way to do it, so tried a for-each, but same result.

Here's what's going on: I am looking for the points that are black (0,0,0) and adding -25 to those points y position (as a test).  The result however is also affecting the blue, the green etc.



And here's the compound that does the "finding"


Weird thing is that doing a test with 2 vectors works really well.
I feel like I am missing something really obvious but after bashing my brains against it for a couple of hours I figured I'd through it up here, thanks in advance

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FYI you can compare vectors using "members_equal" or other "members_xx" logic nodes. The result is a bool3 or booln depending on how many components are in the structure. You can then use "all_members_true" to convert to a boolean.

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Call me crazy but I have been troubleshooting this tonight and here's what I'm doing ...


So I get at least one True output from this loop ... yet outside the loop I get a big fat False. 


I am thinking I might be utterly misunderstanding how implicit and for-each loops work? Or it's a bug?

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Think I might have found the issue ... please ignore this for now.  I'll post a solution (to help anyone else trying to do this) if and when I find one.

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Ok, found and fixed ... when I was slicing my big array of strings that I generated from a file texture, I wasn't slicing them properly, and because the texture was coming through to the Bifrost object from it's input, my display wasn't reflecting this.  What I did to find this was bring in a duplicated mesh so the texture wouldn't update, then went hunting for the issue.

Here's the solution and result:
Step 1: Slice the (6 figure) array of floats into chunks of three as colour values with a sequence array:



Step 2: Use the members equal tip by @mjcg91 up there ^


Step 3: Profit!




You get the idea


Thanks for putting up with me everyone ... much appreciate

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