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Webinar for 2.2 release: What's new in Maya: The next chapter for Bifrost

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Webinar for 2.2 release: What's new in Maya: The next chapter for Bifrost

Recording is up:

Event link:


Example scenes from the webinar are, by popular request, made public! The scenes from the portion on visual programming, Scatter pack and fields, along with and the scenes that produced most of the visuals from the FX side are included in the attached zip file. Some of them require the rebel pack. 


Thank you everyone! 




Jonah Friedman
Bifrost Product Manager
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I had to leave the webinar at 10amPT. When the recorded version will be available?

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in reply to: jonah.friedman
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in reply to: sepu6


I was looking for this link. Jonas link was to join, I was there for 1ST 1 hour.

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Jonah's response to the question about example graphs was that it is a question of time. Would it be possible to package up some basic graphs you have lying around (maybe from testing) to show what the new nodes are doing? Scatter pack, etc...

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in reply to: sklauss

That will be awesome, (Basic graphs) Being an instructor my students will be benefited.

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I have edited the first post in this thread to include the scene files. Thanks! 

Jonah Friedman
Bifrost Product Manager
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in reply to: jonah.friedman

OMG Jonah, Thanks a lot.

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Thanks Jonah.

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in reply to: jonah.friedman

Awesome, thanks Jonah!

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in reply to: jonah.friedman

Finally found this thread, thanks to discord group.
Thanks Jonah for sharing this. It would be huge thing if you could update the scenes for maya 2023.
From discord group, please make repository of scene files somewhere, with some documentation.
Area is totally broken and useless at the moment.
I've tested the files, most of them are broken. Plus all the cool stuff in video is not there.
Being stingy with resources is not really good. Making everything break from version to version is not good either.
The sand thingy changed completely values which are in the graph. Great planning.
So in short, I'm waiting for bifrost for years now, and old tools are mainly broken (like MASH) and bifrost is not ready. Not to mention the tons of bugs in everything. How you can use maya in production is beyond me.
Probably only in the big studios.
All the while, I have to say this, blender is moving with a huge paste, and already is killing maya on many aspects, in terms of usability and practicality. I'm not a blender funboy, but just really disapointed with the speed of development and many of the policies which are just wrong.
As far as bifrost is concerned, it seems that every previous version is useless since examples don't work and they are not updated. Thanks for some of the users who are amazing and sharing they're research.
Otherwise, are you actually testing the examples provided with maya at all ?
Lot of them are broken.
Too many changes between versions, which don't seem essential, same with arnold.
Basically if you make something working in one version of maya, in the next version everything is broken. How is that any good for real world production ?

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