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Volume not showing in viewport.

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Volume not showing in viewport.

Hey amazing people, ๐Ÿ˜

I was happily learning from Bifrost bootcamp (the office won't give me Houdini) and it was going great for a few days. Then Maya realized that it's an industry standard and volumes cease to render on viewport 2.0


In general, getting volume to display is finicky, sometimes it works but when I manipulate it like the trainer doing in this video, all I get is a mess.


Autodesk likes to advertise that viewport is getting better but for me it's still a pile of...


Maya 2024.1


RTX 2080ti, Driver 536.99

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Alright, Found it. 
It was the difference b/w "Use default Material" v/s "Textured" in viewport menu.. (well.. that was dumb ๐Ÿ˜…)


So fog/levelset not being visible in viewport is solved..
Only glitchy levelset preview (mentioned in screenshot) is there.

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in reply to: ayushbakshi98

As it is mentioned on the screenshot is a bug, which will be fixed. If you render it works fine or if you want to convert to mesh, it is fine as well. 

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@ayushbakshi98 When working with signed distance and noise it is better to add the noise onto the distance values rather than using multiply which can cause unexpected artifacts. The workflow shown in the video is, unfortunately, not the best.

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