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Viewport not displaying vtx colour

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Viewport not displaying vtx colour

Hi. I want to be able to see instances with random vertex colours in the viewport that have been scattered. The "color" attribute is being passed as the Arnold render shows. A lambert shader applied and all vertices are set to be orange on the original sphere. So, why do I not see new colours in the viewport? 



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in reply to: richard.clarkeZMEQF

You can't at the moment, there are some workarounds but are not that great. You could edit the baked instance geo but defeat the purpose since you want fast quick instances. Hopefully, this will get fixed soon I hope. The best way is to add a terminal and have a point_scope in proxy or diagnostic and have the final render going into the final output.  Like this



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in reply to: sepu6

Thanks Sepu6 for the handy work around! I thought it might be due to something like that!

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