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vdbs get clipped in the viewport

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vdbs get clipped in the viewport

Hi all,

I build a small graph displaying open vdbs in the viewport with a LOD switch. I got my vdbs from houdini.
If I render the vdb, all is fine. But in the viewport the vdbs are clipped.
The smaller the vdb file is the more it gets clipped. LOD high is clipped a little, LOD mid is heavily clipped, and low LOD is clipped completely, not visible at all!
Help would be great since I am mainly interested in the viewport representation.

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Hi @thomas_kutschera, are you able to provide a scene file + VDB files that shows the problem so we can reproduce?

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Hi @Mort

thanks for looking into. I zipped a simple example file in, render persp1 should be rendered (see attached images).
Take care of the vdb pathes within the bifrost graph. These have to be modified depending on your project path. I put the vdb files in the data folder.


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Hi @thomas_kutschera, it appears the problem is that the default near/far clipping plane in Maya does not work well with your volume which is very large indeed (more than 100'000 meters across). You need to adjust the near and far plane to be able to see the cloud as described here. Alternatively, you can set a uniform scale on bifrostGraph1 to something like 0.00001.


As for your clipping issue, are you by any chance not on the latest Bifrost version (2.3)? I fixed a bug related to volumes clipping in the viewport not too long ago.

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Hey Morten, you made my day!
adjusting the scale made no difference, but updating from 2.2 to 2.3 did fix the issue perfectly!
Thanks a lot!

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Glad I could help!


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