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VDB Sequence start frame

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VDB Sequence start frame

Hello! I’m sure this is just ignorance of Bifrost. I have a VDB sequence that I exported from another software and I’m loading it into Bifrost. However the sequence starts on frame 0 in Maya and I need to adjust the timing so that it starts much later in the animation- like frame 200. Does anyone know how to adjust the timing of a VDB sequence with Bifrost?

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2024-06-11_09-40.pngYou could use a setup like this to offset the frame number from the time node.

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Hello! Thank you for the response. I tried this out and it didn't work. See screenshot, please.

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Is because of the data type, you are trying to add a float with a long, and at the moment BF does not do the conversion on the fly. Just do the conversion at the end, put the to-long node after the output on the add, and connect that to the VDB read node that is expecting a long. 

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Hello, thank you for your advice, but I'm sorry to say this also does not work. No volume appears at all, even though it compiles... With these setups, wouldn't the "add" simply move ahead in the sequence of .VDBs and not the frame of the actual Maya timeline?

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Ah! I made a mistake. I used a positive value for the frame offset. I needed to use a negative value instead. It did work, after all, thank you!

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