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Using ctrl>G to create compounds creates incorrect port data types

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Using ctrl>G to create compounds creates incorrect port data types

I'm using  And using the hotkey combo to "group" a set of nodes into a compound has been giving me errors.  At first I didn't understand what was going on so I gave up on the compounding and ended up with tons of nodes in my graph.  Difficult to work with.  So I'm back now to try to clean things up.  And have spent a bit more time looking into the problem.


When I create the compound, one of the nodes in the newly created compound has a int array as an input.  The compound shows the input as an array with the "hat" shape.  But internally, (the output of the compound's input node), it's just an int "not a hat".  Causing the compound to be red.  But this isn't consistent behavior.  Sometimes internally, it will also have the black dots (forget the terminology here) but still not an array but the compound doesn't complain (not red).  But in this case, it changes my final output of the compound to an array array float (that's not a's a double array) when it should just be a float array.  This causes nodes to turn red down stream.  


Luckily, my hunch that maybe I could just reset the port type to an int array worked.  But shouldn't this just work?  Maybe this is fixed in

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I reported this issue recently and it was already logged. 

Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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