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using bifrost to create flowlines

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using bifrost to create flowlines

I'm trying to create flowlines using only bifrost,, (no openvdb). I have the emitter working but the particles won't go outside of the bounding box of the aero compound. I have looked at the few tutorials and none were helpful. Does anyone know how to set this up? Thanks.

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the flowlines basic are created with volume scope and no particles but only aero.

Can you elaborate your request?


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in reply to: darioOrtisi


So, I want flowlines to go out to the right, around the grey object, I created a plane and converted it to bifrost aero, no matter what keyframe i'm on, no matter what number i changed in bifrostAero2 (the emitter) the blue (what i referred to as particles) never extends beyond that black bounding box.



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Ok, we are talking about two different things. You're refer to bifrost i'm refer to bifrost Graph. I'm shure i never know how to do a Flowline on bifrost. 

IN you rcase the aero need a force to move on direction. Selec your aero and on bifrost tab click on motion Field. There are option to control the field you want. e.g. geometry turbulence drag and so on.


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There are two ways you could try to do this right now:


1. Run and cache out the "old bifrost liquids" sim.  Cache as .bif file.

2. Open Bifrost graph and read in the .bif cache of liquid particles.

3. Use the "points_to_volume" node to generate a new velocity field from the liquid particles.  Ensure you have the point_velocity property listed so you get the voxel_velocity in the resulting volume.

4. Now use the volume_scope to get the streamlines.


This won't create a perfect reconstruction of the original liquid velocity field, but it might be close.  Definitely worth a try.


Method 2:


Use the MPM Fluid source in the graph to do a fluid-like sim in the graph.  Then you don't need to go from particles to volume.  But depending on the kind of fluid sim you're doing, the MPM fluid sim choice may not be ideal.  It's not FLIP.


Sigh.. FLIP in the graph... The very idea! 🙂


hope this helps,



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sorry, i wasn't using particles at all, i just used the term to describe what i was seeing.

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in reply to: darioOrtisi

I added the motion field as directed and I still wasn't getting any result beyond the bounding box of the emitter. I will set up the bifrost graph.

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Reading old bifrost liquids particles in Bifrost Graph


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