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Use texture to drive Bifrost scatter

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Use texture to drive Bifrost scatter


Sorry if this has been asked before, but how do i use a texture to drive my bifrost scattering?

It's the same as the example in the bifrost 2.1 presentation, i have a terrain from gaea and i want to use the flow data to drive the scatter

I know i have to connect something to the weight in the scatter points node, but how do i get the texture data in the graph for this?

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You have to use vertexcolors. Bifrost does not support textures yet. 

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in reply to: overalgu

I see, is there a way to project a texture into vertex colors? They used a texture to drive scatter in this presentation

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in reply to: overalgu

at 4:30 in this video:


Shows you how to do it.




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in reply to: JMM71

Thanks! This is it

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If i find time i will add that nice trick to my video series. Thanks Jason.

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It works as a workaround, but you have limitations such as not being able to color correct the map, hoping in the next update we will have full support for file textures in the graph

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in reply to: overalgu

I have a pythonic method for doing it too - doesn't solve the colour correction issues, but does make it easier to bring in and store multiple textures ...

details here:

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