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Usd Geometry Roundtrip via bifrost

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Usd Geometry Roundtrip via bifrost

Hi, I am trying to use a bifrost graph to load a Maya mesh exported via usd. The aim is to get the displayColor (and ideally the component tags) back into a Maya mesh.

I manually renamed the color exported from Maya to primvars:displayColor. The attribute seems to come through fine using mayaUsdProxyShape when reading the usd stage directly or via the bifrost graph.


When I use bifrostGeoToMaya, however the color set does not come through (see screenshot).


I had a look at pages like:



And I am not still sure what I am doing wrong.


The color attribute from the stage is coming in as array<Math::float3>, I tried changing it to a different shade and to  array<Math::float4> and while the change looked ok in the proxy preview and the alpha worked, the Maya mesh was still grey. Is this step necessary?


Do I need to manually plug the Color Set from the bifrost graph into the Maya mesh node?


Am I missing anything else?


Sounds like component tags are not supported in bifrost yet. Is there an alternative to "tag" some of the components in the bifrost graph in a way that can be used with deformers in Maya?

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In your attached scene you need to specify the property you want to use to set the point_color property.
In the get_geo_property node that is connected to the "Set geo point_color", the property name is not specified. You need to set it to "color". Finally, in order to see the color set in Maya viewport, select the Maya mesh coming from the bifrostGeoToMaya node and click on "Toggle Display Color Attribute" in the "Mesh Display" menu.


Hope this help!

Guillaume Laforge
Software Development Manager

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