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Upload your graphs and compounds!

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Upload your graphs and compounds!

Good news everyone - we have opened up the AREA downloads page to allow you to upload your own compounds and graphs! I hope this makes it a little easier for people to share and discover great new content.



To do it, go to and click on the "Upload your work" button.


As before, you start by publishing your compound or graph from the Create menu in Bifrost. Please also include an associated MD file for documentation (as shown here: If you are publishing a Graph, an associated Maya scene helps to show how it works.  Zip these all up into a single file.


After clicking the "Upload your work" button you will be presented with a simple dialog that will ask you to indicate if you are uploading a graph or a compound. Next, select the file to upload and once that is done, click the "continue" button. The next screen will ask you to provide a title, description and thumbnail. Once that is completed, your compound or graph will be submitted for sharing!


I can't wait to see all of the incredible things people have made!



Ian Hooper
UX Architect
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This is pretty good, but implemented this way is not going to change much, in my opinion. I thought there will be a separate site for this, not implemented into the most generic Autodesk download menu. Also, I don't think 6 basic examples will start any craze as far as the public involvement or just basic interest goes...
This execution compered to this fan made houdini solution is just day and night:

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Wow that tool is incredible. Definitely something we could learn from. 🙂

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in reply to: ihooper

Where can we found information about how to import compound or graph ? It seems so simple but I am struggle with that !

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in reply to: moiamy

Here we go.


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