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Unlock Normals & Soften Edges

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Unlock Normals & Soften Edges

Hello Bifrosters,


I'm used to export Alembic files from a third software, which always come with locked normals. So what I do after importing it in Maya is to manualy unlock normals and soften edges.


Now I like to use the Bifrost's read_alembic node and I would need to know how can I do the same process as before directly inside the Bifrost graph ?


Thanks, A.

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does the update_mesh_normals node help?

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Indeed it seems to help, thank you sir!


Edit: actually since I'm here now : ) I am looking for a node that does the opposite of the add one, a node that subtracts to a value. I haven't found yet by looking in the Math nodes..

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There should be a 'subtract' node among the math operators. 🙂

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Indeed subtract does the thing 👍 Thanks 😄

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