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Unexpected result when coloring points by property

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Unexpected result when coloring points by property

I was just playing around with pointscope to view a influence radius from certain points on a mesh surface, which worked fine at first. Then I wanted to do a testrender and realized that if you have a arnold shader applied and not the standard Lambert, the points visualizing properties becomes grey and does not represent the actual value of a given property. Is this a known issue and is there a workaround?  It would be nice to view the pointscope node without having to switch shaders all the time. 

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I think this is the same issue when trying to display vertex color on normal meshes with a non native maya material assigned, where the material channel the color trying to display through is not present. You'll see if you select a normal mesh and go to the shape node in the attribute editor, Mesh Component Display > Display Color Channel, here you're able to change this to None so the color will always display regardless of material. Unfortunately a bifrost shape doesn't have this option, so as far as I'm aware you'd have to use a native material to see color in the viewport (lambert, blinn, ect.).


You can plug 2 materials into the shading group as pictured below, where the lambert is what shows in the viewport, and the standard surface is what's actually rendered.




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Amazing, this worked perfectly as a workaround, thanks! 

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