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Transfer attributes from root origin to corresponding points in strands?

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Transfer attributes from root origin to corresponding points in strands?



I noticed that when I create strands from points and their normals, the created strands won't inherit the root points other attributes. (This is pretty weird, if it is intentional.)

What is the easiest way to copy to original point array attributes to the created strands? I couldn't figure out a for-each for this, although  this should be a pretty simple problem. 


(If I have 20 points, and 20 strands are created, I though it would be possible to somehow "loop over" the strands - 20 iterations - and just copy the actual point data to the actual strand points.)

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To transfer all point properties it's a bit tricky, but to transfer a single property it's quite easy. Have a loot at this graph:



This requires the point_strand_index property. In case it doesn't work you can use update_strands_ratio to generate it. And of course, it will work only with the points used to generate the strands (like when using nodes like create_strands_along_normals).

Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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Ah, so great, thank you! I hope autodesk gives you a bucket of 3090 gpus-t for your amazing tutorials, and help!

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