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Timeline jumping in Bifrost cache?

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Timeline jumping in Bifrost cache?

Hi all, I have a Bifrost fluid sim cached out to BIF. The cache seems to be working correctly, but I can't jump to a later frame in the sim in Maya. It has to play from the beginning every time. If I click on frame 60, for example, it goes there but doesn't load the sim. Is there anything I can do to change this behavior? Thanks!

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in reply to: BrianHanke

I am unable to reproduce this issue.

Which version of Maya are you using and which OS are you on?

Is it possible to zip and upload your scene file?

Would it be possible to upload a demo video showcasing the issue you are experiencing?

Is there a specific frame rate you are using?


Things you could try:

- select the bifrostLiquidContainer node and setting its Evaluation Type to 'Per Frame'

- Assure your Liquid and Solid Cache controls on the bifrostLiquidPropertiesContainer node are set to 1.

- turn cache playback off.

- assure you aren't using scratch caching or background processing (in the Bifrost Options of the Bifrost Fluids menu).

- Try switching the Preferences > animation from EM-Parallel to DG


Let us know if any of these help.



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in reply to: syracoj

Thanks for the reply! Setting Evaluation Type to "Per Frame" was indeed the solution. Working perfectly now.

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in reply to: BrianHanke

glad to hear Brian.

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