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Think I somehow broke caching???

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Think I somehow broke caching???

Long time maya user but new to learning bifrost - so excuse the stupid and vague question - but here goes:


I've been messing around learning bifrost, doing tuts, building random things just to explore and have been really happy how fast everything is. Can't say I really even noticed when the timeline was turning blue caching (maybe it didn't before, I don't know.)

But a few days ago I added a bake instance node in one of my scenes and it sat and crunched for over an hour caching a static scene with nothing moving and very simple geometry (over 10+ sec per frame to cache).  Deleted that, and moved on, but then in another scene - added some more instanced geometry - but it still wasn't much and the scene started to get really slow, again caching the timeline.


Now today - I opened a file I haven't used in about a week - I remember it was super fast to play around with points and strands - but now it chugs, big time - slowly recaching the timeline at every change.


I know this is super vague - but maybe I changed a setting somewhere and killed my performance? I looked in docs for cache info but guess I couldn't find it. Is there a summary of bifrost caching somewhere? Recommended settings?


I'm not adding any cahce nodes to my graph.

Maya 2023.3    BiFrost    CPU: Intel i9-7940X 128G RAM, GPU: NVidia Quadro P4000

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Tough to say without looking at the file. This should not be the case. 

I would say if you are using the file_cache node check what mode is on. if is not in read or lazy mode then it will grab data from the graph and not from the HDD. Make sure you wrote files on your hard drive. 

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in reply to: DavidHenion

As mentioned I have _not_ been using the file_cache node anywhere. Doc says these nodes are for simulations - but I'm not simulating anything.   But should I be adding it?

I don't see a bifrost cache on disk anywhere so assuming by default the blue bar on the timeline is caching to memory.

Wish I could find a good explanation of how caching works in bifrost and how to set options for it.


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in reply to: DavidHenion

The blue caching on the timeline does not do anything on the Bifrost graph. That is part of the old system. 

You can cache whatever you want. Caching is not just for sims. The file cache can work with a single file. The most optimized file if you are inside BF is a .bob file, but you can also cache other formats, like an alembic or vdbs. 


So if you have a heavy geo you still gonna gain performance by caching it. There are other ways to optimize your scene like compute on frame node for example or drag and drop the bifrost graph into a new one, but that is a little more advanced and it depends on what you are doing. 

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Ok, this makes a bit more sense - thank you for the info.

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