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the new version of my format_numbers compound: support multiple inputs at the same time!

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the new version of my format_numbers compound: support multiple inputs at the same time!

g2m_format_numbers version 0.2


This compound converts numbers to strings, with decimal, round, padding, and prefix/suffix.
It's basically similar to this Python code:


inputNumber = 12.035
outputString = "%0.2f" % inputNumber  
#result: "12.04"


Unfortunately, it is not that simple in Bifrost. so I made this compound.
I hope that Bifrost will handle these things easily in the future.
more examples:
0 => "0.00"
15.5 => "15.50"
-0.3876 => "-0.39"
compound ports:
numbers: input numbers
has_decimal: decide how many decimal places to keep. 0: do not keep decimals; 1: keep one decimal place; 2: keep two decimal places. and so on. default is 2.
is_round: whether to round. default is True.
prefix: some string before the number. default is "" (empty string).
suffix: some string after the number, such as " %", this is the default value.
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I noticed someone upvoting this old compound, this compound may not be stable, if you have such needs, please use my python plugin:


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