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Textual Interface

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Textual Interface

Hi everyone,


Is there any plans to make a textual version of the Bifrost visual programming language? Something along the lines of Fabric Engine's KL (Kernel Language) or Houdini's VEX (versus the graphical VOPS)?


If not, would there be any interested in collaborating on an intermediate language for converting a programming language, existing or otherwise, to a Bifrost JSON compound? Something we could version control and iterate on faster if you're already comfortable with code. It'd be an alternative to writing C++ in that (a) it's portable, (b) it enables artists to later hack away and extend a resulting graph and (c) we'd benefit from the parallelisation and high-level concepts already present in Bifrost, along with future optimisations in that area.


For a source language, I'm thinking something quick and declarative at first, possibly even just a config file like YAML to get the ball rolling. Later perhaps a high-level language like a subset of Python, akin to Cython or Numba. Or even KL, if the specification is still out there.

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There might be something like this planned... Anyone from the dev team may be able to say more on this.

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