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Take data from archive instance

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Take data from archive instance

Hi! Is it possibile get point position from a Arnold_alembic_instance?
And visualize the instance in the viewport without rendering?



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Could you explain a bit further what you are trying todo?

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Thanks and sorry for the late reply.

I wanted to use the Arnold_alembic_instance node.

Is there the possibility to display the instance in the viewport?
There is the possibility to interact on the instantiating geometry.


e.g. I have 2 Arnold_alembic_instance per-particle
How do I make a kind of blendshape between the 2 instances?


an Arnold_alembic_instance of a jumping cube.
an Arnold_alembic_instance of a rolling cube.


is there a way to make a blending between the 2 instances?


Thanks for your interest


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