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Sugestion for feedback port

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Sugestion for feedback port

Hi everyone,

     This post can be taken as a suggestion or you can suggest a workaround in case I'm not setting it up in a right way. In this example I have created a compound to return a velocity vector of a moving object. The velocity vector is constructed by subtracting the current value from the previous value, and this has been setup using feedback ports. As you can see in the video, in order for the calculation to be correct, the feedback port attribute has to be connected to the output node of the Bifrost graph. To this I have following two suggestions.

1. Feedback port should evaluate whenever the input value is updated, even if the port is not used to send values out

2. There should be a mechanism to hide the ports which are used as feedback ports as we do not want anyone to accidentally connect input into the port used as feedback ports. I have managed to hide the feedback port on the input node by creating a dummy input node inside the compound but I couldn't do so on the output node.


Please let me know if you think these are valid suggestions or if there are already ways to achieve this, which I'm not aware of.




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Thanks for these comments. We are aware that feedback ports have to be connected to work correctly, and we are working on a solution to this. Hopefully, you found the workaround we use ourselves currently, namely to either add the feedback port output to an array along with other data that you are pulling from your compound or, alternatively, adding the feedback port output to an empty object (created with the value node) and using get_property to only get the output that you actually need. See attached screenshots.

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Great to know that you guys are already trying to find a solution. Thanks a lot for the reply.

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