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Strange bifrost graph caching

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Strange bifrost graph caching

i am having quite a wierd issue with the file_Cache node . i try simulating the standard explosion example and then caching it . 


While the example works in the write mode showing fire and so forth 


as soon as i change the file cache node to the read mode it only shows the smoke.


Can someone help me solve this problem?

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in reply to: vamp.tobias

Problem is solved . the file cache node was after the assign material node and not before it causing it to read the material wrong .

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in reply to: vamp.tobias

This, literally saved my bacon. Doing a fire assignment in Maya right now, and coming from Blender I had no idea what I was doing, the cache node was in the wrong place, like yours, and I couldn't see ANY fire at all. Swapping the cache node to behind the material node totally fixed my problem! You're a lifesaver!

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