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Strands color from texture

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Strands color from texture

I'm trying to find a way to color the strands using the texture found on the geometry they are created on.
From what I have read and if I understood correctly, it is a two-stage process.
First, I generate the points that "extract" the color, and second, I transfer the color property from the point
to the strand generated by the point. The first part is ready, I have the colored points according to the texture but
I don't know how to transfer the color property from each point to the corresponding strand. To be clear: if I have a white point I want a white strand, if I have a red point I want a red strand.
If anyone has time, I have attached a clean scene. Thank you!

Screenshot .jpg

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in reply to: rstefan

Hey, if you look carefully at your properties, you'll see that the point_uv does not get transferred when you use create strands along the normals and there is not promotion anyway.  So create a point_uv from the sample node but the component should be strands instead of pts. 





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in reply to: sepu6

Wonderful, thanks again sepu6! Another problem: after I add an MJ extrude strands compound, it seems that it does not transfer that property further, even if it is entered in the transfer properties tab.

Any idea?

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in reply to: rstefan

right because it accepts point properties, however, if you are using the set strand profile and rendering with Arnold you do not need to convert to a mesh. It will be a lot faster they way that you are doing it anyways instead of a mesh. 

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in reply to: sepu6

Yeah, I think I'm sticking with Arnold for now. Thanks!

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