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Strand/curve roll - similiar to bending

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Strand/curve roll - similiar to bending



Anyone tried to implement curve roll/unrolling? 




It is similiar to per axis bending, but you execute the rotation on a per point basis relative to the previous point as a pivot. More description here:

I tried to implement the vex code presented on the page, but gave up after couple of hours...




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The tutorial is very long and complex, which is great, but I really need quick result.
I managed to get a grip on the compound you've sent, but not sure how to get strands to work backwards,
so how to change timing to instead of roll, to unroll.
Is there a way to manipulate time in bifrost, to scale or reverse the time for example ?

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> Is there a way to manipulate time in bifrost, to scale or reverse the time for example ?


@stigla You can open up my roll_strand node and find the time node. Then you can manipulate the output of the time node to get your desired effect. For example, if you can multiply the output by two you double the speed of time. Or you could use an fcurve for more advanced timing. Your imagination is the limit at that point.

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Thanks. I was looking for it, but probably missed it...
Great stuff. Thanks a lot.

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