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Store Surface Collisions

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Store Surface Collisions

Im looking at using particle collisions as a way to affect particle attributes one way or another more specifically to kill particles. I noticed there is the Store Surface Collisions on the particle_solver_settings which I would assume be used in conjunction with property_kill_points with point_surface_collision as the property to watch for but its not working as expected, that is when the particles collide they should be killed. See attachment of my graph.


Another question is there a way to display property values of selected particles? The watchpoint only shows those properties being passed downstream not the actual values. I see the point_scope has potential to do that with the shape = numeric but theres no option to select which property should be numeric.


Many thanks

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in reply to: jeremyraven

You want to use the filter particle node for that. it will do that automatically if you have filtered by surface collision. 




the numeric scope isn't working correctly, hopefully, is gonna get fixed soon, for now, you can use the one from Maurice. Hopefully, he doesn't mind that I'm sharing his compound.  Attached file on how is this used. 



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in reply to: jeremyraven

Hi Sepu,

Im not getting much joy, particles seem to appear at collision point rather than during their lifespan and removing at collision time. Inverting them or changing the threshold doesnt appear to work either. Scene attached

Also the collision value doesnt seem to change on collision using your point_scope_fix node (thanks for the share BTW).

Obviously my setup is incorrect and your help is appreciated.


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in reply to: jeremyraven

Hey Jeremy if you want to delete points using the collision you gotta do it inside the solver, I think this is what you want right? You could also use a mask influence with a kill influence as well. 



Here is the point_scope working you need to make sure that is also on the property drop-down as you can see I have the property and when the point collides it shows 1. 








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in reply to: jeremyraven

Yeah I know about the mask influence method, thanks. Regarding the point_scope Im not sure what you are doing because I cant see anything different to my graph then yours. Are you going into the solver compound or something special like that? I also noticed you added a terminal node for diagnostic purposes, when I tried to do that myself I couldnt as the graph was reference only, how to change that?


Thanks for your time.

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you need to make the solver editable to go inside to custom effects. 


Point scope is working fine. 





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