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Stick particles to emitter

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Stick particles to emitter


I'm trying to create clouds through Bifrost and have them morph into custom shapes.


To do so, I created an Aero from the emitter object, turned off Continuous Emission and animated the emitter using Blend Shapes. However, I cannot get the generated particles to stick to the mesh as it deforms.


Is there a solution to this?




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If you make a level set out of your emitter (using convert_to_volume), you can use sample_volume_gradient to compute the gradient of the level set at each particle position. The gradient of a level set points in the direction away from surface. So if you negate the gradient you get a vector pointing towards the surface. If you multiply vector pointing towards the surface (i.e. the negative gradient) by the distance to the surface, which you can by sampling the level set with sample_volume, you can move your particles onto the closest point on the surface. Maybe this will work for you?

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