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Something that seems interesting with Bifrost RIG and skincluster

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Something that seems interesting with Bifrost RIG and skincluster

Hell dear Bifrost users,

I found something interesting with Bifrost RIGGING and skincluster...
I have a scene that creates a spine RIG using a bezier curve generated with Bifrost. It outputs matrices that drives nulls or joints.
But when I load the scene again the scene does'nt refresh well :


It occurs despite the fact I use a Time node in my Bifrost graph :


But, if I set the Node Behavior a the mesh shape node or skincluster node to Waiting Normal, it updates at startup.
(But Undo doesn't updates) :


Moreover, if I change controllers values directly with Channel Box it doesn't updates (certainly due to Waiting Normal Mode), but updates when manipulating things in viewport.
I would like the RIG to updates normally even when loading a scene.
If anyone have a clue I would be delighted. Thanks in advance 🙂



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