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Snow simulation is slow

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Snow simulation is slow


Simulation is slow when the input face scale is in meters.
I adjusted by changing Detail Size of points_to_level_set and Multiplier of vary_source_property.
Is there any other way to speed up the process?

I attached my compound.
The input is a face, which is used as an emitter to simulate snow.
For example, The input is the roof of a house then create a snow mesh on it.
Physically, it is correct to make the roof a collider and let the snow fall from other emitters,
I'm doing this to speed up my work.

Thanks for your advice!


I want to expect simulation is quick like this picture in centimetersI want to expect simulation is quick like this picture in centimeters

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in reply to: summerJYEW4

I heard that MPM will have GPU version in the future, which can improve the simulation speed.

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in reply to: wuhailu

I'm glad to your reply!

Really? Is that information anywhere?

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Its slow yes. It does get faster if you use faster hardware.

There isnt much to say. High quality simulation does take time.


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in reply to: summerJYEW4

MPM was developed by the Jixie Effect team ( MPM algorithm has mentioned GPU

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in reply to: wuhailu

Yes but Bifrost is CPU only. For now.

And if somethign gets rendered on GPU doesnt mean its faster.

There are a lot of things out there that are slower on GPU.


A typical fx workstation does have 256GB of ram.

I dont see cheap GPUs in the near future with that amount of ram.

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in reply to: wuhailu

Thank you for linking.
I was able to see that GPU was mentioned.
In hardware, there is nothing that can be done by users, so it seems that we will have to wait for a response.

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Thanks for your reply!  I understand what you say.
I want to make it faster. In result, quality is reduced. OK
Do you have any ideas?

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in reply to: summerJYEW4

OK, this topic is closed.

Thanks guys!


I will continue to use this forum.
See you on the next topic!

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