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Smooth Strands

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Smooth Strands

Whats the best way to smooth strands? Is there something built in already or do I have to make my own compound to do it? Like if I started with 10 points but suddenly I need to scale it up. I am looking to get rid of sharp edges in curve direction changes, kind of how you can do with the rebuild curve tool

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Maxime does work on a smooth strand node. But its not released.
He showed a teaser on the Bifrost Slack.

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What is Bifrost Slack and Bifrost Board?. Never heard those 2 terms.

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in reply to: mihirsbcc

Bifrost Slack is a channel on the Slack application where you can communicate with other Bifrost enthusiasts like this forum: 


Bifrost Board is a DG Node Bifrost uses. You can find more discussion on it here:


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in reply to: bugsdabunny

Thanks a lot. I will for sure check them out.

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Rebel pack has a resample strands node - that's working pretty well for me ...

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