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Simulate MPM among a properties value set & show their value in render

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Simulate MPM among a properties value set & show their value in render

Want to automate the run a set of MPM sim based on a pre-defined set of values for some of his source_mpm properties.


I suppose is possibile in some way to define a matrix with in the vectors the different values for every run, but wondering if there is any better way to achieve this (i.e. the "set_particles" or "set_property_any_node").


Also since every run does have different parameters didn't find a way to simply print these parameters value in a legend in the render.

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Am I right in my understanding that you basically want an easy way to run a "wedge" on a certain parameter?

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Yes for this run, to calibrate the properties values for some specific kind of snow.

So needing to explore different values for various properties, looking up at the result.

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@morten.bojsen-hansenregarding the possibility to have automatically multiple runs with different start parameters, a better path will be to read them from an external file, or some internal structure will be better.

About printing them in the render will be good to know for a start if this is supported or in fact I will need to encode them in the file name

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@davide445 , I don't believe Bifrost supports "wedging" natively, although you could probably make something easily using bifcmd (a terminal-based program to run Bifrost graphs in batch, which is able to vary input parameters). That won't take care of rendering, however. It's possible to render a Bifrost graph directly with Arnold's "kick" so you might want to look into that. As for overlaying text on your render, I'm not sure - you'll have to look into the documentation of your renderer unless you want to use this. I know this is not a perfect answer, but it might be the best we can do until we support wedging natively.

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