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SIGGRAPH Bifrost Vision Series sessions! (August 9)

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SIGGRAPH Bifrost Vision Series sessions! (August 9)

Please join us for the vision series tomorrow, August 10th! We have two sessions relating to Bifrost. First, Lee Griggs will show us how he's been rendering is toon shaded strands flowlines images we all like so much. Second, Kosta Stamatelos, Guillaume Laforge, and myself will be talking about Bifrost 2.3 and beyond!



TUESDAY, AUGUST 10   11:00-11:20 AM PT

Rendering Whimsical Bifrost Strands with Arnold’s Toon Shader

Class is in session. Learn how to render complex Bifrost patterns with Arnold's Toon Shader from Arnold Rendering Specialist, Lee Griggs.

Speakers: Lee Griggs, Arnold Rendering Specialist at Autodesk



TUESDAY, AUGUST 10   12:05-12:30 PM PT

Expedition Bifrost: Exploring New Tools and the Next Frontier

Uncover a more interactive, expressive, and robust visual programming environment. Watch an explosive session with the team behind Bifrost as they share what's new and offer an exclusive look at the future. 

Speakers: Jonah Friedman, Bifrost Product Manager at Autodesk, Guillaume Laforge, Software Dev. Manager at Autodesk, Kosta Stamatelos, Product Designer at Autodesk 



Jonah Friedman
Bifrost Product Manager

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