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Shouldn't the watchpoint default to being on top of everything else?

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Shouldn't the watchpoint default to being on top of everything else?

A watchpoint is created to see the data.  Why bury it under all the other nodes?  Especially how cumbersome it is to work with the graph.  Once you have nodes laid out, you really don't want to have to move them to see the data.  If you want to keep the watchpoint while adjusting other nodes, then maybe a semi-opaque mode for the watchpoint so nodes under it can be seen and moved?  But seriously, it shouldn't be buried by default.

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The current watchpoint is not super friendly to use around nodes, and it has some limitation on what values it can display. A better watchpoint will be available in a future version (see Bifrost vision series video).


If you want a detailed view of an object's data, you can use a dump_object. It write all the data contained inside an object on a text file.

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