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Set normal orientation of instanced geometries

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Set normal orientation of instanced geometries


I'm trying to make a basic instanced geometry oriented to surface without luck. I'm figuring out in all the Area Bifrost forums but all the examples isn't working.

I opened 5 examples, including the instanced flowers of Jonah, but nothing works in the lastest version of Bifrost.





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in reply to: juanjo_bernabeu

Check my post on Cormac's thread.

Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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What a coincidence, Cormac asked the same thing at same time!, xd

The only problem is having to use your nodes because I don't have privileges to put them in maya.

There is no native solution? It would be a bit weird right?

Thanks Maxime, as always ;:)
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The sample file attached to Cormack's thread has no dependencies - you should be able to use it without adding any of Maxime's compounds.


That said, how is it you cannot use more compounds like those from Maxime or the rebel pack??

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Thanks Marcus.

Answering to your question.

I'm trying to run a Bifrost Workshop next week in our School, but the IT people cannot help these days on this task so I have to make do with the basic installation.

Anyway, I don't want to drive people too crazy, and it wouldn't make sense to show how to point objects to normal by making so many connections, I thought it would be a node, like vary_source or set_orient, but nope,:)

By the other way, when can we have a normal installation with the rebel pack integrated without having to enter the file system or anything like that? The IT people are very upset about having a bifrost module loose in there, taken from Autodesk Area,xdd.

Why can't it be integrated into the autodesk desktop app, for example?
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in reply to: juanjo_bernabeu

Yes, there are no native solution for this yet. I'm pretty sure we will have a built-in math node to make a quaternion from 2 axis in the future tho.

Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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in reply to: juanjo_bernabeu

I was trying to reach the same result and saw this post. I checked mjcg91's method and that was clean. with some tweaks I made it work with random points on the surface. But I was wonder if there is a way to make a simple instance scatter with exist builtin Bifrost graph nodes and I found this way.












I hope it would be useful.

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in reply to: Withamin

Nice! You can definitely use "rotation_between_vector" like this, The geometry will be properly aligned along the mesh's normal, but the problem is that you cannot stabilize the "spin" of these orientations. For example, if you try to instance cubes instead if cones, and rotate your torus, you'll see that  can see that the rotation around the normal axis will flip randomly.




If you use sample both the point_normal and face_tangent, and make a equation from these, then your orientation are stable and will maintain their orientation no matter what. Then, you can add and extra rotation around the normal axis if you wish.



Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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