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Set color by property compound

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Set color by property compound

Created a compound to set point color based on another point property, like point_velocity. Can for instance be useful for coloring mpm particles based on their velocity. Not sure if this already existed in some other compound.


The color can be controlled with three f-curves (RGB) and a master interpolation curve. The input range is determined automatically. For vectors, the length of the vector is used. It may not be foolproof, but it at least works with vector and scalar properties.


Plug in the point geo, define which property to use, set the master and RGB curves and define the value type of the source property.


As we don't have a compound sharing platform yet, I just post it here.


MacBook Pro 13,3 - 2.7GHz - 16GB - Radeon Pro 460 - macOS Catalina 10.15
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Thanks for sharing.

Downloading now into my lib.

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hi I was wondering how to use this cool json


i tried adding it after my split points by material.  and with and without an assign material  but it didnt seem to work


any ideas what im doing wrong ?


I have point velocity in the property box    I dont know what number goes in the   type box?   do you have a project where its working   or any help much appreciated 

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i also tried plugging int o additional properties  and top level geometry 


Im doing something wrong !  

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