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Separate Mesh into connected faces

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Separate Mesh into connected faces

Hi everyone. I'm working in procedural mesh with Bifrost and wanted to be able to separate a mesh into an array of objects, each based on their connected adjacent faces: 


E.g. I want an array of 5 objects from that one mesh in the image above.


I've been trying to collect the Face Offset indices when they share a Face Vertex, but I'm afraid my logic doesn't come through for making that loop. I'm not that experienced working with loops. I've been more on the artistic side of maya until a year and a half ago. 


Please, let me know if this makes sense and any ideas on collecting these faces into groups. 


Thanks a lot!

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Are you looking for something like the "Mesh-Separate" function in Maya?



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Yes exactly. After posting this one, I came across this thread, and Maxime's solution works quite fine. I'm having trouble with one object specifically that doesn't separate correctly. It seems there was a conversation about including this function as a C++ node in Bifrost. Sadly I haven't seen anything else other than Maxime's 

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