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Scatter Tutorial

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Scatter Tutorial

Did some experiments with the new scatter nodes.

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Here is the Moss Scene File.

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in reply to: Christoph_Schaedl

Thanks for sharing

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in reply to: wzxrc

Next one up.


Sample scene here.


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Did now a playlist.

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The latest update.

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Iam watching your Scattter Tutorials, thanks for your work.
Is there a way to edit the scattered Points directly after the scatter node and random rot/scale node.
The Problem is if you change the vertex map the whole distribution of Points changes and there is no art direction.
Everytime you change something you get a complete new result. It would be nice to bake the Points and have the possibility to delete or add single Points after without changing the main result.
A second vertex map to control the baked points? Or the possibility to paint Points?  

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Yes you could paint a second map like shown in the video. 

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what node you use to mask out the points with a second map?
can you show a node graph 

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Watch the video here.

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Oh, I think you misunderstood my question, I know how to combine a field with a vertex map and use them in the density map of the scatter node. i want that after the scatter and random nodes - so i don't change the distribution of the point again. I want a static point array and I want delete on this array point with a vertex map.
In Houdini you can store points in a group array and you can do with it what you want. 
Would be nice to have a paint brush to paint or edit scattered Points (like Clarisse).  

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That should be possible with the culling node.


First you create a graph with the points.


Than create a second graph and drop the first into the second.

So the first graph gets chached and in the second you can edit the points further.


But you cant move points around. At least not out of the box.

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the cull_points node deletes random points, there is no way to control this per vertex map 
or i missing something here 

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It does have a weight port. 

I use it here.

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Just wanted to say these are a great intro to using the scatter node so thanks for making them



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Hello! Any Idea why this won't work with Vray?

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Vray cant render Bifrost.

You need to create an USD stage.

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Ok I will stick with mash for now. It is still a faster workflow. It's very disappointing to use blender scatter tools which work so effortlessly and then to try to do the same in maya and it's just a pain and time consuming to get anything done unless you use Arnold. I will also try to get used to usd workflow. It seems complicated but I love the frame rates. its just not condusive to building things quickly. Everytime I do a competition I want to pull my hair out because of the terrible scatter features in maya with vray. Thanks for the USD video. I will check it out. 

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Also try my scatter preset scene for USD.


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