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sanity check random instance material by ID

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sanity check random instance material by ID

based loosely on the fractal crystals tutorial by Jason, im trying to assign a random user ID to geo that's been instanced/merged in bifrost, then use ai user data to switch between materials at render time...

i can fiddle with a simple graph and get the random number generator to change the instance at each point

but taking that same random number and writing it to user data in the same way Jason was in his example scene doesn't change the material... pretty sure it's something fundamental i'm doing wrong, but can someone take 2 seconds to check my scene?



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in reply to: adrian_wyer

is because when you put your set geo property after the baked instances the geo isn't any more instances, meaning one obj per se, is polygons (meshes) so the "mat_ID" is not matching, so what you could do is just transfer or copy the properties, and set up the property before you baked.  Here is a fixed file.  

With that said, if you are rendering in Arnold, you do not have to bake the geo. 






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perfect, thanks!

like i said, something i am doing that's fundamentally wrong!


have a great weekend


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