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[request] few things

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[request] few things

1. Can search all the compounds in the graph and list them. when you click on the list, you can locate that compound immediately.
2. A more effective way to check data. I think the current "watchpoint" is a failed design. and you cannot check the array.
3. More effective management of "private compound" (can only be used in a specific parent compound, and will not appear in the Tab list). Have a UI!
Maybe like this:
the compounds in the my_compound folder will only appear when you inside the my_compound graph. otherwise, they are hidden.
4. Separate the "program name" and "display name" of the port. so when I modify the port name, I don’t have to worry about the error in other places because Bifrost can’t find the corresponding port.
5. Can draw text to the viewport. similar to "text()" and "text2d()" in the API.

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