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Rendering Strands Via USD

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Rendering Strands Via USD

Trying to get familiar USD but run into a roadblock with strands, which is how to get them to render? From the USD docs:

Curves with only widths defined are imaged as tubes with radius 'width / 2'. Curves with both widths and normals are imaged as ribbons oriented in the direction of the interpolated normal vectors.


So I've added the widths attribute expecting arnold to render tubes, but nothing renders. Is it me, bifrost, usd, arnold? Can't seem to find much on this.



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in reply to: InNeedOfHelp

It works with Arnold hydra just fine on my side but I couldn't make it work with Arnold's viewport or renderview. But I'm also not an Arnold user so probably I'm missing something 



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in reply to: sepu6

I see, although as I understand mtoh is more for preview purposes where all final rendering is done with normal arnold? Maybe its still too early to be jumping on the USD train? non gemoetry, shading beyond the preview material, the extent to which renderers support usd if at all seems like there's still a ways to go.
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I use maya's curves to export usd, and arnold can't render either.

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