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Recursive "Make Editable" desperately needed to future-proof graphs

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Recursive "Make Editable" desperately needed to future-proof graphs



Practically speaking it's not possible to import nested compounds. "Make Editable" only works at the current level of the graph. Child nodes are not imported, they remain referenced. This is a very serious issue that absolutely must be addressed before Bifrost can move forward as a solid production tool.


Please add an option to recursively import all child nodes. This is necessary as a safeguard against future changes to the Bifrost library. It is absolutely ESSENTIAL to future-proof custom graphs that are not in the Bifrost library.


For example, if I use a custom compound in a graph, and that compound includes another custom compound, then Make Editable will not import the nested custom compound. Then the graph is not portable to other systems, the dependency to that nested custom compound remains.


Please add a command to recursively import all compounds into the current scene... "Import All" might be good terminology to differentiate it from "Make Editable", which is not recursive.





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I'm just bumping this thread to get more eyeballs... this is really quite a serious matter

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