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Recommended method for scalability: One_graph -> many_outputs VS One_scope_graph -> single_output.

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Recommended method for scalability: One_graph -> many_outputs VS One_scope_graph -> single_output.

In a project I am doing, there are scenes with at least 5 or 6 bifrost graphs.
I had to cache outputs from a simulated body, to then add secondary graphs dependent on the movements on the primary object. 
This way, I can output each step on the simulation by its own graph. The graph is clearer and shorter. Also, it is easier to debug each scope individually. As far as I know, to pause each Graph you need to open the editor and CTR+. - which is laborious. I wonder if there is a better solution for it, because even LookdevX just released and some commands can be accessed by menu via outliner. 

Comparing to have one single graph with many switches, and outputs, but the UI makes all nodes to seem small enough that its hard to read them.

From more experienced users or developers, what would be the recommended approach in therms of performance to avoid the project to crash without an easy to debug reason?

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I think it depends on what you are doing. There are definitely some pluses in having multiple graphs.  

And sometimes it really speeds up the caching process in some operations when you need to compute things just once. For organizational purposes, it also can be beneficial. I believe in one of the latest BF releases they fixed a bug that caused issues when having multiple graphs. So it should be much better nowadays.

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Currently, one can go display window menu-> Show ->Viewport->Plugins-> Plugins Shape to hide\show bifrost shapes.

"All I wanted" was a similar thing, on the Modify -> Evaluate Nodes - > PLUGINS (or bifrost).


That would save a lot of time on a project where multiple graphs are the only option....

Is there any script doing such thing?

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