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Rebel Pack namespace

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Rebel Pack namespace



In the next version of the Rebel Pack, can you please put all of the included compounds and graphs in a separate namespace? Currently they are all scattered in with the factory default installation nodes. This is dependency hell waiting to happen.


Adding a Rebel Pack node results in a dependency to a library that is not included with the base installation of Bifrost. Other than the node icon, the user has no way of knowing that a node is part of the Rebel Pack. I want to know what I'm adding BEFORE I add it.


And since the "Make Editable" command is not recursive, there's no practical way to import a custom compound that encapsulates other custom compounds. I didn't see that in any of the Rebel Pack compounds I loaded, but that doesn't mean it doesn't or won't happen.


That's an issue in itself, but I'll address that in another thread. For this thread, I just want to underline the importance of keeping custom compounds in their own namespace. Otherwise, users are going to have serious issues down the road.





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in reply to: aaronfross

I drew up an improvement ticket (BIFROST-4041) internally on your behalf that catalogues this request.

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in reply to: syracoj

Thanks, John

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Have to agree here. Haveing the RebelPack mixed with other nodes is not a good idea.

The user cant see if he is using a RP node or not during creation.

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Yep, we need better, friendly and robust way of organization and naming...maybe we can make compatible with the content browser too, so we can avoid new windows...

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