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read .bgeo is this in the still plan?

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read .bgeo is this in the still plan?

I remember that Marcus mentioned this a while back that BF graph might be able to read .bgeo from Houdini files into the graph is this still in the plans or not? Thanks.

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The plan is still "maybe".  But given that you can easily go between Houdini & Bifrost via Alembic for meshes, VDB for points, particles and volumes - what else do you need?  Why specifically BGEO?

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All good, I was just wondering. I thought that maybe BF will be able to recognize/work with Houdini attributes as well if you could read .bgeo which could be super awesome and vice-versa.  But probably since the underlying data is different between the two won't be possible.

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We did it with Naiad, so it seems possible to do it for Bifrost.  We have some plans around USD, PRT but I've always wanted Bifrost to be a swiss-army-knife and more file-formats really help.  Why not BGEO too??


We will keep it in the plans 🙂


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Hey Marcus, thanks.


It would be amazing to have bgeo.

Houdini operators, as a general rule, before moving on to the last export format as alembic, or VDB, always scrub everything at Bgeo.
This means that we would save an extra cache pass and unify the procedures with Houdini at the team level. If you could also read most of the channels, groups of attributes and others that Houdini saves, it would be incredible.


Right now we are facing a Avengers disintegration style and with Alembic we loose too much useful information that is stored natively within Houdini and it is a pain to export it, apart from the time that is lost in the R&D.



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The problem here is that BGEO is proprietary, so any changes that Side Effects makes in the future will break everyone's HACK to read them.


It would be unwise to do this for that reason.


HOWEVER... FWIW... Laika has a library:


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in reply to: dougmtippett

prt ply bin(realflow) pcd txt xyz

I think they may be enough as a start.    🙂

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