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Randomly stepping function, feedback port not working, why?

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Randomly stepping function, feedback port not working, why?

I have attached my graph. I am trying to create a randomly stepping function, that holds a random value for a certain amount of random frames, then switches the value for a new number of random frames after the first iteration cycle is complete. For example, in my graph you should see the cube popping around, holding a value say for 3 frames, then 7 frames, 5 frames, etc.


I thought I could achieve this with a feedback port, but it seems my variable cur_cycle_end_frame is not updating after the first iteration. I am not sure what I have done wrong here, but I think I have misunderstood how the feedback ports are supposed to be set up. Any help is appreciated.

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in reply to: bugsdabunny

Your function seems to work as expected, the problem is that nothing was pulling the data from the two feedback ports, therefore they did not get evaluated. In Bifrost, usually if an output port is not connected, then the upstream computation is ignored.

What you can do is use a force_pull_port like: 

This nodes forces data in the "pull" ports to be evaluated. The "value" port is just a passthough for another data that is already connected to something downstream.

Maxime Jeanmougin - Technical Artist

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in reply to: mjcg91

Oh my goodness, I keep falling to this issue. Hopefully it is the last. I had a feeling it was something silly, thank you for looking at my graph. It's nice to know the logic was not flawed

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