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"vdb_influence" BUG

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"vdb_influence" BUG

When I made a VDB speed field in maya or houdini and imported it into Bifrost, the name of the speed field will be renamed to "voxel_velocity". But "read_vdb" reads the original velocity field name.


Simply put, if the VDB speed field is output in Houdini or other software, if the name of the speed field is not "vdb_influence", then the "vdb_influence" node will have no effect.


There are only two ways. 1. Change the name to "vdb_influence" when outputting the VDB speed field in other software. 2. Change the node structure inside "vdb_influence" and let "read_vdb" read the original name.

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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

I uploaded a file containing two VDB files, one named "vel". One is "voxel_velocity". Only Vdb files named "voxel_velocity" can make a difference.



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in reply to: Bruce.Lee.

Hi Bruce, thank you for the files!
We're looking into this issue.

Konstantinos Stamatelos

Bifrost FX Product Owner and Designer

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