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Questions about weightMaps, temporary data and display

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Questions about weightMaps, temporary data and display

Hi! I played with Softimage ICE several years ago, and I loved the community and the sharing. Seeing the same thing happening between Maya users makes me very happy, so first of all congratulations on Bifrost!


I have a couple of questions regarding its current and future use. So here we go:


- One of the most versatile things in Softimage, to me, was the possibility of having weightMaps as independent entities and not linked to specific deformers. That allowed the users to paint their own maps, and to freely connect them to whatever they needed to, including generating maps using ICE nodes. As of now, it looks like only the 'color' property can be painted/accessed in Bifrost when it comes to writing. Is there any way to access to deformer maps from an object in the scene? Is there any way to paint them? If not, will there be in the future (if this is something that you are allowed to talk about, of course)?


- In the same fashion, is there any way to access deformer data from within Bifrost, without needing to connect the data I want to query in the Node Editor? Just curious.


- To prototype systems in ICE, or even to build them, users did tend to set self.temporaryData in the first ICE port, and then getting the data, perform some operations, and connecting the results in the second ICE port. It seemed to work in s sequential manner. It looks like Bifrost works slightly different. So I wonder a similar way of creating and querying volatile data will be supported in the future.


- For debugging purposes, in ICE the watchpoint capabilities included different ways of presenting the information to easily visualize it. For example, trails, vectors, points... It would be great it something similar could be implemented in Maya.

I know I sound like 'hey, I want my Maya to work like Softimage', but my intention is not that 🙂 Thanks for reading, and keep up the good work!!!


/ iker

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